We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about our talking books and the talking pen. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us and we will surely reply.

How to make a different language version active in the Home icon?

If you wish to use the Home icon to switch to a different available language, follow these steps:

1.    Connect the pen to your computer and open the GENIUSO BOOKS folder. 
2.    Open one of the subfolders valid for the Home icon:

  • 62104 – FOOD
  • 62110 – ANIMALS
  • 62116 – THE HUMAN BODY
  • 62122 – HOME AND FAMILY
  • 62134 – SEASONS
  • 62140 – NUMBERS

3.   Copy the XBL language version to the appropriate above listed subfolder.
4.    Rename the copied file so that it starts with the same number as other files in the subfolder.
5.    Disconnect the pen and turn it off.
6.    Now each time you place the pen on the HOME icon, it will switch between the language versions present in the subfolder. 
7.    You can also delete any files in the subfolder and keep just one version only.

How to upload new audio files to your pen?

All new languages and updated versions can be found in one place: www.geniuso.sk/tada

  •  Locate the new version that you require and simply download the file to your computer.
  • Connect the pen to the computer using a USB cable and copy the corresponding .xbl file to a subfolder with the same number (delete the original XBL version when updating). All book subfolders can be found in the GENIUSO BOOKS folder.
  • If a subfolder is missing, create it first. Do not rename any folders!

Note:  If you accidentally delete a file from  any subfolder, you can simply download it again in the same way be repeating the steps above. If you do not wish to store all the language versions in your pen, you can delete any version without influencing the function of the other language versions.

What distinguishes the Geniuso talking books from regular books? 

All the Geniuso talking books contain an invisible print which the talking pen can read. Even though the talking books do not look any different from regular books, the technology used allows us to fill the pages with more content than just printed text and illustrations – there are also sounds, songs, sayings, riddles, stories, and interactive tasks.

Where do the Geniuso talking books come from?

The Geniuso talking books are made in Slovakia. The language versions of  the books were done by translators and recorded by native speakers of the featured languages.

Does the talking pen work with all the talking books?

The Geniuso talking pen is fully compatible with all the Geniuso talking books that have been published by us so far. All you need is just one Geniuso talking pen for all the Geniuso books. The pen switches between the books: After switching the pen on, you point it to the Geniuso logo or the language tabs in the book and the pen is ready to read the book.

Will the Geniuso talking books be published also in other languages?

Yes. We are planning on adding more languages to the TADA talking books. If a new language is added to a book, you will be able to download it from our website for free. The TADA books switch between the languages simply by placing the pen on the language tabs.

Does anything have to be uploaded to the talking pen to make it work properly?

No. When you purchase the pen, it already contains all the necessary files. However, if we publish a new book, you will have to upload the relevant file into the pen.

Does the talking pen need batteries?

No. The talking pen has a built-in battery (Li-ion accumulator). That means, you don’t need to worry about buying extra batteries. You can charge the talking pen just like a mobile phone. 

Does the talking pen have to be charged before first use?

No. The accumulator is already 80% charged, so you can turn on the talking pen right after the purchase and start using it immediately. If you are not using the talking pen for some time, don’t forget to charge it occasionally (once in every three months) to avoid it getting fully discharged. In that case, the loss of the battery capacity could be irreversible.  

How long can the talking pen work when fully charged?

As a standard, a fully charged talking pen lasts for three hours of operation. In our experience, however, it lasts much longer. Because the talking pen does not reproduce sounds continuously, but with interruptions (for example, when your child is thinking about a task, trying to solve a riddle, and so on), the battery life is much longer. During the weekend events we organized for children, we only had to charge the pen once and it lasted in full operation for two days. 

The talking pen cannot be switched on. What do I do?

Is your talking pen charged? First, try connecting it to a charger. Check whether your charger and USB cable are working correctly. The pen can be charged also by connecting it to a PC using the supplied USB cable. If the pen is charged, but still cannot be switched on, try resetting it. You will find the resetting procedure in the enclosed instructions manual. Resetting the pen will not delete any of the audio files recorded in it.