repro_fReproducing the sounds from the books

The Geniuso talking pen reproduces the sounds from the Geniuso talking books. To reproduce the sounds correctly, the relevant Ap4 audio file must be uploaded in the pen. You can download all the latest files easily before uploading them to the pen. You’ll find the AP4 files with each title in this eshop.

Recording sounds/voices

Sound recording can be used to record any sound or voice using the built-in microphone. Recordings are stored in *.wav format in the pen’s internal memory. Once the recording is completed, you can listen to it directly from the pen, or, when you connect the pen to your PC, you can download the recordings to your computer and work with them like with any *.wav files.

Playing mp3 files

After connecting the pen to a computer, you can use a mini-USB cable to upload any *.mp3 files to the internal memory of the pen and then play them using the built-in speaker or headphones which can be connected to the pen as well.

File transfer

After connecting the pen to a computer (Windows only) via a mini-USB cable you can upload and then transfer any files to the internal memory of the pen. The computer recognizes the pen as an external hard drive.