Kindergarten experience with the Geniuso books

Viera Timčisková, Representative of the elocated classes in the Lienka Kindergarten, Bratislava  

In our practical experience so far, working with the talking books helps develop children’s ability to concentrate and maintain attention. All the books are thematically designed to be used as well-rounded and adequate material capable of enriching our educational process. Children will find these books attractive mostly because they combine conventional paper books with modern technologies.


PhDr. Zuzana Jandová, PhD., Regional expert of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, ASOBI logopaedic centre

Geniuso talking books give children a combination of visual and aural stimuli. Using the Geniuso pen, the books become talking books which children can enjoy for many hours and learn in the process without realizing it.

The Geniuso talking books from a logopaedic standpoint:

  • they help learn aural differentiation,
  • they stimulate verbal-acoustic memory,
  • they support correct pronunciation,
  • they develop active vocabulary,
  • they support correct, fluent, and fast reading. 

The books take a playful approach to teaching children how to look for answers which require attention and active listening. The talking books are a playful way to develop mathematical and logical thinking. When children use the talking books, they develop concentration and spatial perception.