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The interactive talking pen reads all the Geniuso books. It also records audio, serves as an MP3 player and USB flash drive. More

Manufacturer: MarDur s. r. o.Product code: 112 How to shop

  • Using the interactive pen is easy for children of all ages. 
  • The pen reproduces recorded text / sound from Geniuso talking books via a built-in speaker or headphones that can be connected to the pen. 
  • After turning the pen on, you activate book reading mode by placing it on language bookmark in the book.
  • The pen is also sold with a USB-C cable. You can charge the pen with a commercially available standard USB charger with a USB-C connector or by connecting the pen to a computer. 


    User manual - GENIUSO PEN (636 kB)

    Read more about the features of the pen or watch a short video

    EAN 8588006045079
    Battery Li-ion 400 mAh
    Included Geniuso pen (model V500), USB-C cable, user manual
    Model V500
    Memory 16 GB
    Supported formats XBL, MP3, WAV
    Dimensions 15,7 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm
    Battery operating time 240 minutes