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100% natural cotton - suitable for a trip, to kindergarten, to school... Thanks to the inner zip pocket, children can pack and take with them not only their favorite Geniuso talking books. More

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Tote shoulder bag for children - tailor-made for Geniuso talking books. It can fit all Geniuso children's talking books.

Did you know that each Geniuso multilingual book in the TADA series has got 32 pages? The seven books contain over 8000 recordings in each of the eight languages ​​that the TADA books switch to.

If you don't have these books yet, you can buy them individually or in a convenient package with a Geniuso interactive pen, with which you will now exceptionally receive this free TOTE bag from us.


Internal dimensions of the bag: width: 25 cm, height: 29 cm

Inner bag: width: 18 cm, height: 10 cm

Shoulder straps: 2.5 cm wide, 50 cm long (25 cm from the top of the bag to the shoulder)


Natural 100% cotton

Zipper: plastic

Fabric color: natural cotton (beige)

Color of zippers: outer - yellow, inner - blue

Fabric weight: 280g/m2

Total weight of the bag: 217g

WASHING: As the bag is made of natural cotton, it will shrink when washed, just like all natural cotton materials.