TADA multilingual books
The TADA books are packed with a content that is unparalleled on the interactive book market. The books develop children's intellect, communication skills, and vocabulary. Let the children discover the magic of Geniuso multilingual books – they will thank you one day.

224 pages of colorful illustrations
Due to its soft binding, each TADA book has 32 pages. On each page you can switch between 8 languages. The books are also easy to carry with you - they are light and can fit into any handbag  or a backpack.


8,590 recordings
The  TADA books offer hours of playful learning – either independently or in the presence of a parent – regardless of whether the children can read or not. The incredible amount of 8590 audio files in each language guarantees lots of fun and learning at the same time.


8 languages in each books
The TADA books can easily be switched between English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian on any page. The books were recorded by native speakers of each featured language, therefore children listen to the correct pronunciation and intonation of the selected language from the very beginning. 
1,500 words learnt by playing
The TADA books cover a vocabulary of 1,500 words in each language. By placing the Geniuso pen on the illustrations, children first listen to the new vocabulary and then test its correct acquisition in a playful manner – by listening to the individual words in random order and placing the pen on the correct illustration. The 7 TADA books cover vocabulary in the following areas: animals, numbers, shapes and colours, seasons, sports, the human body, food, home and family. 


500 games for playful children
Children love to play. It is only in the Geniuso TADA talking books that children can find as many as 500 games in each featured language. The games help them learn a lot without realizing it. It’s endless entertainment and playful learning.  All it takes is to place the Geniuso pen on the pictograms of each game.

250 riddles for all children
Children are curious and like guessing and discovering things. Every child will find something of interest in the TADA series of the Geniuso talking books.  Riddles will help them enhance their memory and logical thinking. Sure, they will have to work with their clever little heads, but the reward will be joy from getting the answers right. Those who get the answers right will be able to check them immediately because the Geniuso talking pen knows the answer to every single riddle.

18 children’s songs
Singing brings joy to people’s lives. With the TADA talking books children can sing as many as 18 well-known English songs with simple and repetitive lyrics and rhythm. All they need to do is place the Geniuso pen on the pictogram of a music note and starts listening. Such songs as Old McDonald Had a Farm, Five Little Monkeys, If You're Happy and you Know it, and many others, will surely make the children sing along.  There is a talent inside each of us. Let the children discover it – they will thank you one day.

3,000 Q&A / 1,000 RHYMES

3,000 questions and answers
The questions children sometimes ask are endless. But we have good news for parents – there is an answer to every question in the TADA talking books and the Geniuso talking pen knows the answers. This means that the parents can take a break when using the Geniuso talking books. :)

1,000 rhymes
Children love rhythm. Only the Geniuso series of TADA books feature up to 1,000 rhymes that children will surely like. Listening to rhymes is not only entertaining but also educational. In addition to rhymes, endless playful learning is guaranteed by the numerous tasks, riddles, and songs which can be activated with the Geniuso talking pen. 


Owing to its soft binding, the Geniuso talking books are lighter and more compact. They easily fit in any suitcase or a handbag so children can take the books with them on their journey no matter where they go.

 Let the children discover the magic of Geniuso multilingual books – they will thank you one day.